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Yo hey pple..
By the way..

It's time toooooooooo.........

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OK i can hear some:"HUH?!?!?!" and "WAH LAU! AGAIN?!" already..
class fund really no money le. and we owe the reps quite a sum of money and i really hope to return them back asap.
I know you guys paid like a lot of money le.. but u see..

1st collection - $5
To pay for all the maths notes (the whole bloody stack of vectors)and econs as well.. It isn't just for the notes that we had to buy but ALSO for those that we already bought and owe our poor reps. =(

2nd collection - $30
$15 -> IH
$5 -> GP
$7.50 -> movie
$2.50 -> econs revision booklet. (the green one)

3rd collection - $5
For miss sarina, SEA notes duh.

So as you can see, every cent is being used up. And i owe pple like fala jiayong and jelly quite a sum of money due to the new econs and maths notes (monopoly. monopolistic competitive competition, PC, inequalities, differentiation, revision crap etc) for quite some time already and i really wanna clear all these "debts" asap.

So guys, can you all please pay $5 again so that i can clear all these and pay for future noted. Probably this might be the last collection of money for this year's notes. No guarantee for other stuffs such as class tee or tchers' day presents or like pple's bday present k.
This is really impt cause i'm sure u guys don't like to owe pple money and i really have to answer to the reps who always pay for you guys beforehand and doing such great service for all of us. As you can see, i'm doing this for you guys also. All u have to do is to just hand me the money and i'll settle everything else for u. SO NICE RIGHT?! So please don't complain ok, i cannot take it la. Make me so stressed up for nothing only.

However i'll be making this collection along with the money u're supposed to pay for the class photos. So i'll confirm the total amount with u guys and tell u all asap. But give me some time cause i wanna handle this carefully as well. So yea.. that's all for now and i really hope to seek for your co-operation and understanding ok. thank youuuuuuuu.


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08a202 :D
Bwahahaha, mugging SHALL DOMINATE THE WORLD!

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