08a202 :D
Thursday, January 29, 2009 @

i know ya'll missed me lots and i'm sure the class's quieter by at least 50% now that i'm gone. hahah..

Anyway just wanna say a big THANK YOU to all for everything in the past year. Be it all the suanings, calling me panda, complaining that i'm too noisy, and all the crazy/stupid/retarded things that you all do, i would still like to thank every single one of you for giving me such crazy and wonderful memories that cannot be given by any other ordinary class.

It still amazes me how close and united we've become, as compared to other classes, in such a short time. Being in 08a202 really opened my eyes to how 1 whole class can really be together despite the differences. I mean, look at other classes la.. their cliques are so obvious and they don't mix around very much.. some of them don't even sit together! At least we do(:
And not to forget the warmth of a real class.. is something that i'll definitely miss a lot from you guys. Ya despite all the stupid suanings and stuffs.. i still love you all! :D

Yep so, bottomline is: thank you all for being part of 08a202 and letting me be part of the class too. I had a really great time with all of you and i truly wish you guys all the best for A levels and stop sleeping/ponning lectures already k?! JIAYOU!!!!

with <3,

oh hello stranger
Hello stranger, do you like 08a202? If you hate 08a202, I hate you. HAH. -.

08a202 :D
Bwahahaha, mugging SHALL DOMINATE THE WORLD!

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